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Thursday, August 2, 2012

iPhone 5 leaked ????

What we are looking at here appears to be the most complete leak of the new iPhone to date. The images come from KitGuru, who indicated that the photos are of a test assembly unit and were taken somewhere in “the Far East”. Of note is that the images show that the new iPhone body may be somewhat longer than the current version to support the larger screen. They also show off the new connector that has been expected on this year's iPhone, and it clearly will not work with current iPhone peripherals without some sort of adapter.

The images don’t show the usual tell-tale signs of forgery, so I see little reason to doubt them in that sense. Of course I don't know at what stage of development this test assembly was made, so it may not reflect the final product exactly. At the same time, you don't start to test production until you are fairly far along in design development, so while it’s certainly possible that the new iPhone will deviate from these photos, it probably won't be by a huge amount.

Two generations compared
The new iPhone is longer than the iPhone 4S

Another  comparison between last year's and this year's iPhone
The thickness and width is still the same as iPhone 4S but the screen is larger

The new iPhone posing alone
Some rumors about the A6 processor and a larger battery are there

New connector
This appears to be the new port for iPhone

As a test assembly unit the small details are probably not as polished as the final retail version will be. In these images the home button doesn't seem to blend in to the body as well as past iPhone models, but that may change in the final production units. Likewise, the metal sides seem darker in these images, but that could easily be due to the test unit nature of the device, rather than an aesthetic design change from previous iPhone models.

courtesy Engadget

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